Marriage Consultation


We live once, we die once, once in our life we fall in love with someone and Marriage? We wish to get married to our loved one. (I think I have heard it somewhere

So, are you curious to know about your life partner ? Are you hooked-up with the correct person for your life ?

Know about your marriage life through my consultation !

We can predict about conditions of your marriage, how will it happen, when, where ?

Marriage is the meager decision of life and for happy marriage life every body needs a good life partner. Can any one judge the whole life happy with some only after spending some time with him or her, according to KP advanced astrology matching horoscope is the best way to choose right life partner. Gun milaan and kootamilaan is the tradition ways to matching horoscope and boy and girl should have maximum numbers for tradition matching of horoscope, but some  times after traditionally matching horoscope there are problems in marriage life as in matching horoscope only gun milaan and kootas are not to be considered but there many other aspects in horoscope must be checked properly in matching horoscope

Most of the astrologers, pandits emphasis ONLY on Gunn and doesn’t put light on other topics like Career, Finance, Nature, Health of the spouse/life partner.

I check all the above aspects for happy married life of the couples.

Many of my friends, people ask me about Mangal/Manglik in Kundali, I don’t believe in Nadi Dosh and Manglik Dosh, as threatened by astrologers today. Also, I don’t find any logic behind getting married with Tree or crock or a pot ! All these beliefs and rituals are made by us and came into existance somewhere between last 100 years. Our Ancient sages had left true Astrology for us, its clarity got fainted all these years.

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