Taurus Monthly Horoscopes

January 2017 will be a busy month for the Taureans on the career front. And do not neglect that leg pain.

February 2017 shows that you need to understand your spouse better. Stop being a rebellious person.

March 2017 shows that planetary retrogrades might affect your emotional health. This is the right time to sit back and plan. Marriage Proposals will come for Bachelor’s in this month 🙂

April 2017 will bring some misunderstandings in Taurus compatibility relationships. Meditation and yoga can give you relief from health problems.

May 2017 brings prosperity and abundance. Weight loss issues will plague you this month.

June 2017 shows increase in expenses. Try to understand your lover better.

July 2017 shows a slowdown on the career front. Lot of over expenses will happen in July.

August 2017 is a month when emotions run high for the Bulls. The Taurus 2017 yearly horoscope predicts that this is a month when you might opt for divorce without a second thought. This might also be due to the 2017 Mercury retrograde.

September 2017 makes you a mediator with family and friends. Following a healthy diet will help you overcome stress and tension.

October 2017 is a time when you take care of your heart. Also financial decisions need to be thought over.

November 2017 shows problems in the 7th house. So relationships might be strained.

December 2017 is a good month to keep your eyes open for new business opportunities.