As the Sun puts forth light, so it brings forth life. This planet (also known as a luminary and a star) represents the self, one’s personality and ego, the spirit and what it is that makes the individual unique. It is our identity and our face to the world. The Sun also speaks to creative ability and the power of the individual to meet the challenges of everyday life.

Sun is one of the most important planet in our solar system. It is considered as the King of Solar System. Actually it’s a fixed star and all other planets revolve around sun.  It takes 1 year for sun to travel in 12 Zodiac Signs i.e. from Aries sign to Pisces sign.

Sun represents one’s father in family.

Sun is  is depicted as the Soul of the universe representing the life-force on the earth. In Vedic Astrology, Sun has been described as Soul (Atma) of all beings. Sun is self of a person.

Sun represents personality, how you behave, sun is the will power & your strength in dealing certain things.

Sun gives vitality, name & fame.

Sun is exalted in Aries sign and debilitated in Libra sign.

Personality Traits & special features:- Person with sun dominating in the birthchart will have big yellowish honey colored eyes, square face & less hair on forehead. The person will be very confident and a different personality in crowd. The person will always speak truth and fulfill their commitments on time. It’s like “Once they give commitment to anyone, then they don’t even listen to themselves”.

Career & Business :- It has power to grant great political and government power. Medicine or medical field will be promising for such people. Share market.  They achieve good name and status in life.

Health:- Sun in week position gives week eyesight, bone weakness, palpitation, baldness, heart problems, right eye problem, epilepsy  and affects immunity power. Allopathic treatment is good for week or debilitated sun.