Over Expenses ?

Are your expenses are very high and beyond your control? There can be many reasons. Astrologically your 12 th may be active and house of ‘dhana’ is not very supportive.

2nd – 6th – 11th House are seen for Finance Gains.

2nd – Family Wealth

6th- Wealth from Work

11th- Overall Incoming gains.

In AnterDasha of 12th House or 12th House Lord, There will be lots of Unwanted Expenses for a person. Nest remedy for preventing over expenses is to do “LONG TERM INVESTMENTS OR FD”

Certainly you need to follow astrological measures.

Apart from that, even vastu shastra can give you certain indications. Check out whether your all taps are Okie and not leaking. If you find any leakage , immediately get it repaired, you will definitely get big relief.