Life on the earth is sustained due to presence of Luminaries in our Solar System- almighty Sun and peaceful cool Moon. Sun governs Soul and Moon rules emotions and feelings. There would be no life on earth without these two luminaries. Astrologically speaking, Moon denotes mental and emotional power in human beings. She is Mann (feelings) which plays very important role in the life of human beings in maintaining stable relations with each others. Here, in this article, I shall try to highlight the astrological role Moon plays in the life of human beings.

Moon is considered Queen of the Solar System. According to Vedic System of Astrology, Moon is a natural benefic and is capable of giving great mental power and prosperity.

Though Moon is smallest among planets but due to its closeness with the Earth, she has enormous effect on the human beings on the earth. It has direct affect on females. The menstrual periods are governed by the movement and difference phases of Moon.

The Moon is so important and auspicious in Hindu mythology that women break their fast after having a look at Moon in the night. Some special fasts are directly related to Moon like Ramzan fastings and Karwa Chauth.

The Mahadasha system is based on Moon Nakshatra i.e. Moon in whoever Nakshatra at the time of birth, the Mahadasha will start from that nakshatra’s lord.

Water is element of Moon. Gravitational force of Moon and Sun causes tides in the Oceans. Moon has no light of its own. She reflects the sun light on earth. Moon represents mother as she nourishes the life on earth as a mother.

Positive Moon indicates joy, enthusiasm and peace of mind in life while negative or afflicted moon causes tensions, depression, suicidal tendency and pessimistic attitude.

Ancient sages of India have rightly given bigger importance than the Sun in the development of mankind. Moon reflects the entire personality of a human being in terms of psychological growth.

Personality Traits & special features:- Beautiful round face, fairness, soft & sensitive nature,  very soft spoken personality,at times very coward,  imagination power is excellent, people with strong moon in birth chart prefers eating salty food/snacks.

Career & Business :- Agriculture, Drawing, Embroidery, Business related to water, things from sea like pearl, silk business, milk, cold drinks, ice-cream, beauty products, silver

Health:-Left eye problem, Tension, depression, heart problems, TB, cold and cough, Cancer, psychological related problems, constipation, menstrual problems.