Career Consulting



Your Horoscope is the key to understanding important and crucial trends of life. One of which is how your Career would grow. Yes, advanced Astrology has a special role to play in defining and describing your Career Path! We bring it to you in the form of a Career Consulting.

Career Analysis Report is prepared by analysis your Horoscope to study the effects of planets, their placements and the Dasha running to predict certain key aspects of your Career Trajectory. This includes- the suitable Career line which will help you grow and the specific trends to be warned against or the timings when things may not run very favorable; the timing of finding the new job, the growth opportunity within the existing job, promotions and increment; period of highest growth, the time when maintaining a low key will work to your advantage and when to stay clear of any controversy at work, the level of team support, delegation of authority, relationship with superiors as well as subordinates and the advice on crucial times of decision making in Career.