8th House in Kundali

There are so much negative things written about the 8th house that those who are learning astrology gets brainwashed by negativity when they come across anything related to the 8th house. Many feel that this is one of the most complex houses of the horoscope as it contains complicated, important, and challenging issues that we face in life.

Nature:- 8th House dominated people are very Disciplined people in Life, Serious types. They also follow occult science a lot. Non scientific and coward people too. They are at times shabby and doesn’t have fashion sense at all.

Business & Career :– Insurance sector, Security Guard Business, Military, Police, Retail Business, Small Machinery business, Surgeons, Doctors, Astrologers, Tantriks and many more.

Eighth house is the house of longevity. This house is considered to be extremely important for determining longevity. It also tells a lot about certain subjects like disrespect, sorrow, debts and death. This house helps us to analyze certain obstacles in a person’s life. This house also gives us an idea about how long a person would live.

Results of the planet will depend on its strength. If there is any planet in the eighth house, it tends to lose its auspicious qualities. Due to this, Saturn is considered to be auspicious in eighth house. This is because Saturn provides longevity to a person. The Lord of eighth house protects this house. The strength of eighth house will be determined by its associations and aspects.

If we analyze some other opinions, the Lord of eighth house gives sudden results. It tells us about obstacles which are about to come. Wherever the Lord of eighth house aspects, you experience obstacles related to those areas. Whenever the Lord of eighth house is in a house, you are able to experience some sudden effects related to that house.

This house also explains all kinds of gifts a person gives in his life. Some subjects which can be analyzed through this house include income, secret earnings, foreign tours, mystery, auspicious place for women, accidents, delay, disappointment, obstacles, mental stress, mystical science and so on.

Saturn is the Karak planet of eighth house. Saturn is analyzed for longevity. Similarly, eighth house is also primarily used to gather information about longevity. Eighth house also discusses about minor obstacles in life. If the Lord of eighth house and Lord of ninth house are forming a Parivartan Yoga, a person inherits paternal property. If a Parivartan Yoga is being formed by the Lord of eighth house and Lord of tenth house, a person may face obstacles and experience betrayals. He has to face ups and downs in life.